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Doug Crawford is a Business Coach with Maui Mastermind and a Contractor who has extensive experience in C-level management, business development, and global sales with innovative software as a service, cloud services, Internet, scientific and engineering and security technology companies. His leadership responsibilities helped build successful companies, raise venture and strategic capital financing, validate and accelerate growth, and develop strategic business relationships to rapidly grow revenue.

Doug Crawford is co-founder, investor and business development leader for foodchain, a clean energy and sustainable distribution, logistics and delivery company. foodchain raised $30 million from investors, including Hewlett Packard, to validate a Customer Service Center prototype. The company successfully implemented and executed on plan, acquiring more than thirty percent of the households as repeat satisfied customers. When fully operational, foodchain will remove more than 75 million miles of vehicle miles traveled from the roads each year.  

Doug Crawford served as President, CEO or Co-founder of three global Internet mapping companies. At Vicinity Corporation, he assisted investors optimize the business strategy and establish profitable operations, which preceded Vicinity’s IPO. At Magellan ( Doug transformed the money-losing production company into a digital content operation. Profitability grew over 100% per year and investors were secured from leading media company executives. He helped plan, finance and spinout a new business as a co-founder and board member of Digital Map Products. These companies’ digital maps are widely used for presentation, directions, city and government planning, and publication by Time Warner, CNN, Bloomberg Financial, AOL, AMR, Yahoo!, Excite, Lycos, and FedEx...and have as clients many of the world's largest online service providers, newspapers, educational publishers, municipal agencies, computer software companies and Internet web sites.

Doug Crawford earlier served Wavefront Technology as VP Business Development and VP Worldwide Sales and Marketing for several years prior to Wavefront’s IPO and subsequent acquisition. He also secured international partners and funded development and distribution agreements with Hewlett Packard, Silicon Graphics, Tektronix, Sumitomo, and IBM.

Doug Crawford recently or is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the California Coast Venture Forum and Clean Business Investment Summit (startup company funding), ABC-CLIO (educational print and digital publishing), and Digital Map Products (spatial data warehouse). Doug served on the Steering Committee for The Library of Congress - National Digital Library, Geography & Map Division.

Doug Crawford served as Special Assistant to the President of the Navy League of the United States, and President Pacific Southwest Region. These responsibilities follow his service as Senior Director of Corporate Development for Navy League, and a decade of leadership service at a Council level in the organization with more than 45,000 member civilians and retired military who are dedicated to supporting the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and U.S. Flag Merchant Marines. Responsibilities included management of SEA-AIR-SPACE – the world’s largest maritime exposition, corporate membership, individual giving, grants, and fund-raising around the world.

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