Learn what ideas are brewing and brainstorm about what energy is required to turn on the lights and begin developing business objectives for identifying, qualifying, closing and delivering the "best" customers first...profitably and in a timely fashion. 
Clients, Employers and Investments Include:
  • American Express Life
  • Blue Casa Communications
  • Boehm Biography Group
  • Continental Wind Power
  • Cybercurity
  • Digital Map Products
  • EDGE Computing Company
  • Encryptics
  • Exodus
  • foodchain
  • GTX Corporation
  • HumanRace
  • IdealHire
  • InsuranceOne
  • Magellan Geographix (
  • Maui Mastermind
  • Metropolitan Life
  • MyCreativity
  • Navy League of the United States
  • Planet Solar
  • Psomas & Associates
  • Santa Barbara Tech Ventures
  • SerialIO
  • ThinGap Motor Technologies
  • TMI
  • TWLK
  • United Computing Services (UCS)
  • United States Army
  • United States Infrastructure Management Company
  • University Computing Company (UCCEL)
  • Vincity Corporation (MapBlast)
  • Wavefront Technologies
  • ZeroWait
Doing business with the best and the brightest results in improved business agreements, larger profits and highly satisfied customers.

This requires knowledge, experience and wisdom. All gained from experience received before we agree to begin working together.


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